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Now, more than ever, it is critical that people use accurate and reliable information when making informed decisions – whether those decisions relate to health, politics, economics or any other aspect of their lives.

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Be media smart campaign_

The Be Media Smart campaign is designed to encourage people to Stop, Think and Check that the information that they are getting, from whatever source, is accurate and reliable.

Across October and November 2023, the Stop, Think, Check message will be delivered across all media in Ireland and there will be opportunities to learn more about how to recognise accurate and reliable information via our community training programme.

For more information see our Press Release.

Be Media Smart is a collaboration between a diverse range of Media Literacy Ireland members who believe we can achieve more when we work together.

We are proud to work with Media Literacy Ireland and support people to critically assess media content and reduce the impact of misinformation and disinformation.
Rónán Ó Domhnaill, Media Development Commissioner, Coimisiún na Meán

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