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Debunked: No, an Australian politician didn’t resign over bribes from vaccine makers

An online claim that a senior Australian politician had to resign because she took bribes from vaccine manufacturers has been shared across social media in recent weeks. The Journal has fact-checked the story and found it to be false. Read the full fact-check at The Journal

Debunked: No, the wife of Pifzer CEO did not die from Covid-19 vaccine complications

A blog known for publishing inaccurate information posted a story claiming that Myriam Bourla, wife of Pifzer CEO Albert Bourla, had died from complications arising from the Pfizer vaccine. The Associated Press have confirmed that she is alive and well. Read the article at the Associated Press

Proven False: No, Covid-19 tests are not used to make people submissive

Reuters has proven false a claim circulating on social media that Covid-19 test swabs are used to replicate a technique performed on slaves in ancient Egypt to make people submissive. Read the full article from the Reuters Fact Check team.

Debunked: No, vaccinated airline pilots are not dropping dead on flights.

An online claim that airline pilots have been dying mid-flight on both domestic and international flights has been debunked by Lead Stories. The story originated on a satirical website. Read the article at Lead Stories

Fact-checked: No, Moderna Covid-19 vaccine has not been banned across Europe for young people.

Some social media users are claiming that Europe has completely banned the use of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine in young people. Reuters has found that this claim is partly false. The use of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine has been paused in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland for use in young people. Read the article from Reuters

Fact-checked: No, Bill Gates didn’t say he wanted to use vaccines to reduce the population

Poynter fact-checked a website article claiming that Bill Gates advocated for reducing the global population by using vaccines during a 2010 TedTalk. Poynter rated the claim as false. The point Gates was making was in relation to the population being reduced as a result of better healthcare because child mortality is lowered when families have

Fact-checked: No evidence you shouldn’t breastfeed after Covid-19 vaccination

Instagram posts with screenshots of a tweet from a woman who got the Covid-19 vaccine while pregnant, and then a later tweet in which she says her son has died have been circulating suggesting a correlation between the two events and implying that the Covid-19 vaccinations are not safe to have either during pregnancy or

Debunked: No, Lidl is not planinng to use QR scanners for Covid vaccine certs for entry into its shops

A photo of a German Lidl store is being circulated online as proof that that customers must show their QR vaccination code to enter the supermarket. The Journal has debunked the story. Read the full article at The Journal

Fact-checked: Social Media posts miss context about Israeli study on COVID-19 natural immunity

Social media claims that a study, still a preprint, which allegedly says that vaccinated people are more likely to get COVID than people with natural immunity have been fact-checked. The social media posts do not mention that the study found even greater immunity against Covid-19 for people who got a single shot of the Pfizer/BioNTech

False: No, Covid-19 vaccines do not cause male impotency

Rapper Nicki Minaj tweeted to her more than 22.6 million followers an unverified story about a cousin’s friend in Trinidad who suffered side effects from a Covid-19 vaccine that included make impotency. The unfounded claims have been debunked by Associated Press. Read the full article at AP