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Virgin Media gets behind the Be Media Smart campaign

As part of their Connections for Good programme, Virgin Media is supporting the Be Media Smart campaign with a series of interviews from MLI members and experts in misinformation investigation.

On Sunday 18th April Susan Daly, Managing Editor of Journal Media, appeared on Ireland AM to talk about the rise of healthcare misinformation and how to take steps to manage it.

Aoife Gallagher from the Institute for Strategic Dialogue discussed how to monitor and discover the ways in which misinformation, disinformation and extremism spreads across social media and the internet on the Monday edition of the Six O’Clock Show.

The Wednesday edition of the Ireland AM saw GP DR Illona Duffy and Disinformation Specialist with the FuJo Institute and MLI Vice-Chair, Eileen Culloty exploring Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy among Irish people.

Later that afternoon Shane Creevy, Head of Editorial at Kinzen, discussed identifying reliable news sources on the Elaine show.

Connections For Good is Virgin Media’s new sustainability programme with three big promises: building connections for people, communities and the environment.