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Too Much Information – A public guide to navigating the infodemic

Feeling bombarded by COVID-19 content? Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information? Struggling to sort the fact from the fiction? You’re not alone and help is available.

First Draft, a nonprofit organisation helping to develop resilience to misinformation, has developed a free public guide to navigating the infodemic.

Almost all of us now have the power to publish – and with that power comes responsibility. When it comes to COVID-19 information we all have a collective responsibility to make sure that what we share is accurate and reliable.

But sometimes, even with the best of intentions, it’s too easy to click before we think.

The team at First Draft have designed a quick and simple guide to help everyone navigate the infodemic. This guide will help you understand where misinformation comes from and why it spreads and help you decide what’s worth sharing, and what’s not.

It will also give advice on the tricky issue of friends and family members who repeat something you consider to be harmful or misleading.

You can even learn how to use your phone to check if a photo or video is what it claims to be and lots more valuable tips and tricks.

The guide is made up of snackable reads and videos, so you can pick what feels most interesting and dive in, or go through from start to finish. All you need is a computer or phone and an internet connection and you’re good to go.